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ya i have checked the firing order multiple times just hoping that i might have done something wrong...then also i have tried the 302 firing order cause i have been told they did use two different orders...with no luck...i really dont have a clue i have been hoping its something simple...i have tried moving the distributor one tooth one way and the other and wont even fire...thats the only thing i dont get when it sits for a few acts like the distributor is off cause it just dont wana start or fire...after getting frustrated with it after a lil while of messing around with it i get ignition...then takes another 5 minutes to get it to run...i know everyone is thinking timing...i would think the same but i have tried and i have had two others have tried too...i put the cylinder up and check the timing mark...usualy around 3deg btdc is what i go for...that is about the point where the rotor points right at the number one on the cap...i was told once that the over fueling can cause fowled plugs that can lead to pre ignition...but i put new plugs in and wires and same issue...the coil is maybe two years old but actual run time is maybe 20 hrs...but if anyone can sugest trying something else let me know...

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