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Originally Posted by SHARPMACHINE View Post
Any news on the new super duty diesel?

Any inside info. on wether it will be any better than the last 2 motors they sold everyone?

6.0L- issues with egr coolers, head gaskets, turbo vgt vane sticking, and injectors. Injectors are fired with high pressure oil, oil gets nasty, thick and causes stiction. This restricts the spool valves in the injectors from allowing fuel to enter the combustion chamber properly resulting in run roughs. Turbo VGT vanes stick/rust in conjunction with the unison ring. This results in some cases as a lack of power but recently, more overboost issues causing headgasket failures. EGR coolers flat out suck, internally fail and cause venting out of the degas bottle. Most commonly the silicates drop out of the coolant, plug the oil cooler and restrict coolant from flowing to the EGR cooler. This causes localized boiling in the EGR cooler, results in hot spots and leads to cracks. I would never own one outside of warranty and if I did, it'd have an egr cooler delete kit, good maintenance and head studs.

6.4L- insanely sensitive to fuel contamination. When water or any other contaminate enters the fuel system it damages the high pressure pump. The high pressure pump is lubricated solely with diesel fuel. When a lack of lubricity is present for a second it sends metal through the high pressure fuel rails and into the injectors. When contaminated, the entire HP fuel system needs to be replaced (9k avg. cost and non warrantable). The 6.4L also has issues with under valve cover high pressure fuel leaks. This overfills the crankcase and backs up the breather tube, and makes its way into the charge air cooler. It builds up until you romp on it, then results in a melt down, typically on cylinders 2 and 8. This is a catastrophic failure requiring minimum a short block and head. EGR coolers fail, typically the horizontal one. I would never own one out of warranty, period.

6.7L- front cover attachments are using self tapping screws. These break after one removal (water pump replacement etc.) and require front cover replacement to fix. Thermostat housing leaking issues. DEF lines getting crushed when the bed was dropped onto it. Equally sensitive to debris/contamination high pressure fuel system. If the customer puts DEF in the diesel fuel filler it will not trip a water in fuel light before it catastrophically damages the high pressure fuel system. The filler necks are next to eachother and a DEF filler will fit in the diesel fuel filler neck but not vice versa. The 6.7 is impressive to drive as it will throw your ass back in the seat and runs great. Much more technologically advanced then the 6.0 and 6.7L.

If I had my pick....7.3L all day long.

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