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Originally Posted by Nuggets View Post
You'd love my 94 7.3 IDI turbo if you like noisy and manly truck like features. The injection pump is turned up, I'd guess its putting out around 250 hp and around 450 ft-lbs torque. Even though the power numbers are much less than newer trucks, this thing will pull anything you hook up to it. The truck will get 15 mpg if conditions are right and averages around 12 pulling 8k pounds of trailer. It's beat up pretty good but it serves my needs well. Also, no $1000/month truck payment.
Close to the same with my 1996 7.3 DI, except I can get a bit over 20 empty and about 16 loaded with our camper and trailer in tow (I don't drive over 60 mph for those numbers).

Another data point - I recently returned from a 6.6L Duramax test trip and put just over 5000 miles on one over two weeks. I was working on some controls that require me to run regen probably 50% of the time.

I spent many hours sitting and idling, running up steep grades, driving 80 mph, regenning (all things that are lousy on fuel economy) - and averaged 16 mpg for those 5000 miles. That's awesome fuel economy seeing the hell I put that truck through.
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