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Originally Posted by masterbeatty View Post
i went and test drove a new one. 65,000 dollars holy crap, i was not real impressed with it. it has alot of electronics i think are unnecessary but that was just the option package. it was so quiet( i dont like quiet) and smooth, i felt like i was in a mini van. it handled real nice for a crew cab long bed 4wd fully loaded truck. and the thing was quick, i turned the traction control off and it woulld just walk the ass end all over the place. i didnt really like the manual shift program it seemed a little to delayed to me. overall if i were to buy one id get the stripped down package with no hill decent warning, and navigation.

You'd love my 94 7.3 IDI turbo if you like noisy and manly truck like features. The injection pump is turned up, I'd guess its putting out around 250 hp and around 450 ft-lbs torque. Even though the power numbers are much less than newer trucks, this thing will pull anything you hook up to it. The truck will get 15 mpg if conditions are right and averages around 12 pulling 8k pounds of trailer. It's beat up pretty good but it serves my needs well. Also, no $1000/month truck payment.

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