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Originally Posted by keithshotrodshop View Post
Trying to track down some used 4.10 low pinion gears for my ZJ. I'm running across several sets for sale, new and used, that come from TJ's, but the sellers say they will work in CJ's and ZJ's. I'm also finding some that say they will only work in TJ's because of the short pinion.

Several net searches have only brought more confusion for me. Here is what I'm figuring out, tell me if I'm wrong:

TJ Dana 30 axles have a special short pinion that is specific to the TJ.

All other Dana 30 low pinion axles use a standard length pinion, including my ZJ.

Please let me know if I've got this right, and if the ebay sellers that claim TJ gears fit all are wrong.
What year ZJ?

1993-1996.5 used a special crush sleeve design pinion but it's not available in a 4.10 ratio. You'd have to use a CJ gear with the CJ outer pinion bearing and pinion preload shims.

I believe the only gear ratios available in the crush sleeve (OE) design are 3.55 and 3.73. For everything else you have to go the CJ gear route.

After 1996.5, the ZJ used a TJ style gear set (short pinion) with crush sleeve.

TJ gears will NOT work in a CJ.

CJ gears WILL work in a ZJ (1993-1996.5).

TJ gears WILL work in a ZJ (1996.5-1998)
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