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Default 97 Jeep Wrangler TJ - $7000 - SOLD on ebay for $7050

1997 TJ. I'm updating my asking price: I am at the point of just wanting this gone. I have the replacement sitting in the driveway and I want to wrench on it but promised my wife that I wouldn't until the Jeep was gone. After it's complete I might be a little more sticky, but if you don't mind minor wrenching, this is a steel.

$8000 after I finish all the loose ends
$7000 OBO as-is - see the end of this post for the things that need to be finished. I will begin finishing this project next weekend so if you like to tinker, please let me know soon.

This TJ has:
  • 5.3l GMC engine roughly 101k
  • 4l60e automatic tranny
  • NP241c t-case
  • D44 LP front axle with lockouts, disk brakes, limited slip, and 4.88 gears (stretched 3" forward)
  • Ford 9" with disk brakes, 4.88 gears
  • Radius arms front and rear
  • 33x12.50 tires
  • B&M ratchet shifter
  • Factory light bar over windshield
  • spice soft top
  • Sahara interior
  • Sahara flares
  • dual Flowmaster 40s, not imitation

The list of things that are not complete is:
  • Electric fan switch needs to be mounted inside the cab (should be done this weekend)
  • T-case shifter needs to be positioned permanently(should be done this weekend)
  • T-case shifter boot needs to be installed(should be done this weekend)
  • Door panels and handles need to be installed (I ran it with no doors most of the time)
  • Rear bumper needs to be re-painted
  • Shift position indicator needs to be hooked up (it shifts, but the little orange line doesn't move to show you what gear you're in)

It's a long list, but most of the things are pretty small and could be done in a single day. That's what I'll try to do next weekend if all goes as-planned. This set-up did experience what I think is a fuel delivery problem the last two times I had it at Silver Lake. I will also have that looked at, but it'll be early next week and it counts toward the "finished" price. I'm assuming that it's a fuel pump issue since it's the stock Jeep pump, but it could be as simple as a signal from the Jeep computer not getting a good signal from some sensor that it used to control.

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