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Default My 69 cj 5 build

I am restoring this cj-5 but because I only get to see the thing and work on it like 10 days a year expect this build to take a while. I spent 8 hours on a road trip to Detroit on Saturday(along with a birthday party, helping family members, and selling my YJ) getting a 225 from a 69 that was used as a plow truck for a school. I was told only has 27 k on it and never been rebuilt and after running a camera down the intake/exhaust ports I am happy with what I have. I need to put a new(heavy) flywheel on it and a hi torque starter/mean green alternator/fuel pump. Then I can bucket run it while building the rest of this drive train on blocks. Right now I have the engine on a stand and in a shed.

So far I have had 3 hours of wrench time and just replaced the battery/starter and wired it up to see if the engine is junk.
Did I mention I was told this has not run in 10 years. Two of the photos show a mouse nest next to the flywheel. I have no idea how they got in there and will need to find out as the starter and flywheel cover was still on.

The engine turned by hand so after wiring up a key(the electrical system has been chewed on a bit and I simply wanted to see if this engine would run.) I turned it over and got it to run by pouring gas down the carb. I had it run for like a minute at one point. It ran real smooth with no smoke, knocking and such. I planned on the 231 that it currently has being seized up so finding out that it runs without smoking means I can take my time with the 225 building the drive-train behind it as I drive this. I drive like less then 2k a year so I see the 231 lasting until I am ready for a willys overland repi tub/fenders and rest of jeep to be shot with rust bullet. Before I have the 225 drive train swapped in.

I am planning on having it on the road in the summer of 2012(using the current tub with some general patches)and fully restored by 2015.

Thanks for looking
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