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Originally Posted by booblinker View Post
What type of mileage you been getting? And do those mirrors work pretty good, I've been thinking about it on my nighthawk, but don't want to if they don't work good.

So last tank I decided to check my MPG\\\\\\\\\\'s. I guess I just had assumed I was doing well, since I usually never hit 10,000 RPMs. It turned out that since the previous fillup I was getting 54 MPG. I was kind of bummed, considering I was riding a 250. So the next fillup, I had already put on 50 miles of normal riding, but for the next 100 I calmed it down more. I did a lot of short shifting and stayed around 55 mph, maybe 60 here and there. I ended up with 65 MPG on this fillup. Woohoo. I bet if I had ridden the same way for the whole tank, I could have been a little closer to the fabled 70 mpg. :) Now I know that I need to relax a little more if I want the big numbers.

As far as the stick-on convex mirrors go, they aren't as detailed as the mirrors, but they do allow me to see behind me without having to move my arms. I'm thinking about just pulling them off, I'm not sure. I'd like to see a clearer image of what is behind me.
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