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Originally Posted by RyeBread View Post
one of the worst analogies ever.

I don't see anyone suggesting that we deny healthcare. (a universal/rationed system will do that by the way.) I have also posted numerous credible links backing that statement up.

There are however obviously those that oppose more entitlement programs and the continued leveraging of our future generations with unsustainable liberal programs - this has nothing to do with our own personal works of service.

I have the right to bear arms. I do not have the right to a Government issued weapon.

I have the right to eat, I do not have the right to force others to pay for my food.

I have the right to work, I do not have the right to force others to pay me not to work.

For all you crazy whackjobs that want to follow Euro models of Governing take a long hard serious look at their socialized medical systems. Take a long hard look at their long standing eco-friendly, anti-oil stances on energy and ask why aren't there any technological breakthroughs coming out of Europe in green energy.
No technological breakthroughs. Come on Rue, you know better. That's such BS.

And their government pays less per person for their healthcare than we do and most of our population HAS health insurance. And from my European experience, people are in excellent health. Hey, maybe you've spent more time there than me (shrug).

For me this isn't about whether or not people have THE RIGHT to healthcare, it's a matter of our being a society that CAN give helathcare to all but chooses not to. We can also end hunger in this nation. We can also make the change to renewable energy sources. Many American companies and individuals are already doing it with great success.

Funny how you are vehemently opposed to providing for all of us, but endorse making corporations less accountable to the American people, even when their headquarters are in another country, their earnings go to the Caymen Islands, and they outsource theri work all over the world.

Seems like you are against the good of the people, and more concerned with the good of the corporations.

Well, that's your right. I hope you are happy when we all live in the Corporate States of the Americas. (Psssst... That's what Mussolini wanted for Italy.).
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