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Originally Posted by mikesova View Post
I didn't say that Dr. Laura called her an N-word. She called in and started explaining her problem and then Dr. Laura basically just said she needs to lighten up, then the caller says something like, "even if they use the n-word?" and she's like yeah, chill out. I find this to be terrible advice. I would find it unacceptable for someone in her husbands family or a friend to refer to her as an n-word. I suppose we can't be sure that this is the case, or if she just meant it as a what if question, but I just think that Dr. Laura didn't handle it in a good way.
I agree. I think Dr. Laura missed the point that the caller was making. I don't think the caller was "hypersensitive". She said she tried to ignore it for a long time and it got to be too much. I can see where having nearly every discussion with her husbands friends revolve around her being black would get annoying, and I can see where she would be offended if they refereed to her as a "insert racial slur here" . I don't care that she used the word "nigger" on the air, and I don't care if she stays on the air or not. But I do think that in this case she jumped on an opportunity to make a social comment, ignoring the callers real question, which seemed to be more about her husbands reaction to it all.
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