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oh al sharpton was all over it! makes me laugh that when someone says any black racial slur he's the first one there and wants an apology on national television.. yet she didn't say it to him. nor did kramer, nor did the the "nappy headed hoes" radio guy. yet that fat bastard is there saying HE was offended. i'd love for one of these national televsion "appologies" to turn on his ass and the person lets loose on his big fat black ass.

this race shit anymore is stupid.. every race get speical attention other than us white people. i thought we were all created equal? and we are all equal so says the constution? seems to me than any white person has less rights than a minority.. anything we say is condemable. miss black america? where teh miss white america? NAACP? wheres the NAAWP? it's all one sided bullshit because we did them a favor.. they were slaves when our ancestors bought them. their own countrymen had put them into slavery. americans didn't go to africa with a net. and if i remember right didn't the emancipation ploclamation give them freedom? didn't the civil rights acts of the 60's give them everything we have? and since they've gotten more? i say show me an african slave working in a cotton field today... and the federal goverment can write him a million dollar check.. hell make it 10 million.. obama loves to give money away... the japanese were forced into camps in this country during WWII and you never hear mention of that? the chinese and mexican were slaves or damn near. and built the main R.R. lines all across this country. but yet we cater to the blacks? one reason.. they have the biggest mouths.. well now we cater to the muslims too... and the fuckin dot heads
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