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Originally Posted by AGoodBuzz View Post
Well, I'm a progressive, and I demonstrate a pretty good understanding, given my career position and my standard of living. No one handed it to me. But what about those that lost jobs after 20 years and haven't been able to get one yet and have no insurance? What about them? Are you going to say that they have no personal responsibility?
The point I was making was about the giver. It means that you should have compasion for people in need and help them out. That is the personal responsibility. Your heart tells you to give to them. Your motivation is love.

When the government is in the middle, taking money from you without your consent (high taxes) and administering it how they see fit it doesn't help anything. The person getting taxed eventually will become bitter about how much money is being taken, and the way it is spent(programs that don't work). The person receiving the money from the government starts to think that they disserve it(entitled to it). They are not grateful for the help anymore. They end up getting more and more dependant on the government.

The government takes the love, compassion, responsibility, and gratefulness out of equation.
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