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Originally Posted by LuckyCharm4x4 View Post
The fuel filter was replaced a few weeks ago.

Blacklung, you are talking way over my head. I just got the truck a few months ago and it's my first diesel so I don't know much about it. As far as I know it's all stock w/ the silencer ring taken out, BHAF, and a 4" turboback. Please bare with me while I try to answer your questions.

Lift pump, is that the fuel pump?
I don't have a fuel pressure gauge.
There is no check engine light on, so I didn't think there would be codes.
What is a VP44?

Sorry for my ignorance, this is new to me. I would like to learn it though! I was told it could be my injectors. For what it's worth I have just over 90k miles.
On '00-'02 trucks, you can check for codes using the odometer display. Cycle your key three times from off to on within five seconds. The odometer screen should first flash P PCU. If there are any codes present, they will proceed to show up in the format of P####, where the number signs will represent the DTC code(s) present. Write down any codes present. After the PCU error codes are finished or if no PCU codes are present, the display will read P DONE. Next the screen will read E ECU and display any present P ECU codes in the same P#### format. Once again, write down any present codes. After the P ECU codes are finished, the screen will again read P DONE and the mileage on your odometer should reappear. Not all codes will always illuminate the check engine light.

A lift pump is a fuel pump that feeds fuel to your VP44, which is your injection pump. The lift pumps on the 24v are prone to failure, just as the VP44 is. When the lift pump dies, the diaphragm and/or rotor in the VP44 can seize up due to lack of lubrication provided by diesel fuel. It is best to run an aftermarket FASS or Airdog lift pump due to the reliability and ability to supply constant and proper fuel pressure. But even with a better aftermarket lift pump, a VP44 can still go bad due to electronic failures. However, a better lift pump will still improve the reliability of your injection pump.

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