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Default Getrag( NV) 282 behind a 225? please respond

Has anyone put a Getrag / Muncie(NV)282 behind a 225 dauntless in a cj-5?

Please read this entire post before criticizing. I know it sounds nuts just look at the numbers.

It is the 5 speed manual they used in the v6/v8 Fiero's as well as tons of other cars and is the grandfather of what is used in many gm cars today.

* 1st gear: 3.50:1
* 2nd gear: 2.05:1 (MG1: 2.19:1)
* 3rd gear: 1.38:1
* 4th gear: 0.94:1
* 5th gear: 0.72:1
* Reverse: 3.41:1
* Final drive ratio: 3.61:1

Compare it to the 3 speed
3.33:1, 1.55:1, 1:00:1, Rev 4.53:1

Yes it is a transverse transmission I would use a small shaft to a 241/300.

Running the stock axles(want it to look stock) and I think it will save about a foot in drive-line length(or more)and that is a huge difference when your talking a cj5.

Long story short running the stock axles(4.10). 31 inch tires and the dana 300.
using this site. Gear Ratio Calculator to get the numbers below.

Top gear
the 3 speed at 2250 rpm= 51 mph
the 5 speed at 2250 rpm= 70 mph

The 3 speed at 3250 rpm= 73 mph
The 5 speed at 3250 rpm= 102 mph

Has anyone done it before if so what did they have to do? Will it work if not why not.

I am looking at a cj5 on Saturday. While I see myself rebuilding the 225 with mild mods I don't see using the 3 speed transmission. But after looking for other transmissions(non-electronic). I end up having the drive-line just to long. I looked at 4 speeds and then 5 speeds still to long after the transfer case. So I peeked at transverse setups and this looks like it will work nicely.

Thank you
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