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Originally Posted by mj23polaris View Post
lookin at gettin a 94-02 ram 2500 4x4 with a 360 gas

what engine mods do well for these trucks?
Magnum V8's have a pretty big aftermarket.

Originally Posted by mj23polaris View Post
are all dana 60s in the back and some have 60s in the front and some are 44s?
Yes. It will not be a D70 or D80 with a 360. If its 8-lug, the rear is most likely a D60. There were a few other odd combinations in the early years of that generation, such as a 8-lug D44/9.25 combo. Essentially an 8-lug 1/2-ton. I'd stay away from those.

As mentioned, 2nd-gen Rams never used reverse-cut differentials. They are all standard-cut. The front brakes were updated to a non-pressed design in 1999 and they also lost the CAD systems and went to fully live axles in 2000. (I'd recommend looking for a 99-up.)

Originally Posted by mj23polaris View Post
how big of tires can u fit stock height?
285/75r16's will be safe. 305's may rub depending on the wheel backspacing. 315's will rub the plastic inner fenders (and perhaps the radius arms, IIRC) on stock rims without a leveling kit.

Originally Posted by mj23polaris View Post
what transfer case is under them?
That can vary. Could be a 231D, a 241, or in the event you get a plow model, a 241HD. You actually don't want a 241HD if you can help it.

Originally Posted by mj23polaris View Post
are the trannies junk if? so what are options to upgrade them?
Its kind of a crapshoot when it comes to the transmissions. The automatics did not have very good reputations. However, it seems that there was no in-between. You either got a good one, or a bad one and the bad one would let you know rather early. Some people roll the dice and swap them out. Others solve the problem permanently and have the transmissions built since all the weaknesses are well-documented by now.

Originally Posted by mj23polaris View Post
any other info is good to
Consider the V10's over the V8's. They are quite affordable, have good motor reputations, have plenty of power/torque (300hp/450 ft/lb) stock, and have D60 fronts with D70 rears. Pick up an 00 or 01 with the non-disco D60 front and you'll be happy. You aren't going to get that much better mileage out of a 360, especially when you raise it up into the wind and add weight. The V10 doesn't have to work nearly as hard to do the same job.

On 37's:

Then on 40's:

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