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Originally Posted by wave_crusher View Post
Why would someone buy a vehicle like the Volt when the prius is cheaper and if you think about, toyota has had more time to work out the bugs in it. The volt is being marketed as an electric vehicle, which it's not, it just a suped up hybrid. The leaf is a better option that both those others because it is a full electric vehicle; and someone isn't going to be buying it if they drive across cities every day, someone who buys the leaf will have a short daily commute (say 20-30 miles), and they will have another vehicle for expended trips
So what you're saying is that Sony should have never built a TV because Zenith and RCA had started first? Why did Toyota ever build cars, since Mercedes Benz was the first to build them. Ford was just a copy cat, too. I like competition, it's the whole free market thing; even if there's not a truly free market.

Either way, the Volt isn't exactly like either the Prius or the Leaf. It draws comparisons to both, but isn't exactly the same as either. Even a Prius with a aftermarket plug-in battery isn't exactly the same as a Volt.

Is the Leaf a better alternative to the Volt? Yes, if you want only a BEV and have alternate transportation for longer trips. If you want one car, then maybe not.

Is a Prius better than a Volt? Yes, if you don't care about driving in EV mode for short trips and want to save some money vs buying the Volt.

Is there something better than all 3? Maybe, but again, it depends on what your goal is. As many have pointed out, you can buy an older fuel efficient clunker for less money up front, and probably will never pay as much out of pocket even if your MPG is less than the others.

Originally Posted by XXXJ View Post
The article is from 04 August 2010, not 1981.
They are investing 500 million now, not 30 years ago.

Denial is not a river in Egypt.....
Yes, $500M in a plant that has been around 30 years and needs updates. It's a plant that builds cars that sell in the US, Mexico, South and Central America, and Europe.

They are also putting in another $1B in plants in the US, and another $250M into a plant in Canada that has also just been announced in 2010. Probably investing in China, Australia, Europe, and other locations around the world.
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