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Originally Posted by howell_jeep View Post
Talking about gays and mormons, why is it that a person can't marry 2 or more person at the same time? If it is ok for a man to marry woman, woman to marry man, man to marry man, and woman to marry woman, why can't a woman marry two other women but just one? It makes no sense to limit "marriage" to one person only, if someone wants to be with two or more people. Why do people that want to marry more than one person get denied the benefits of being married?
You do make a good point. Where does it stop? One man 2 women, one man and another man, one woman and one woman, a man and his dog, a man and a child(whether it be boy or girl).
Marrage is between 1 man and 1 woman.
We already offer special rights for being gay(hate crimes bill) and offer legal marrage would be just another privledge for being homosexual.
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