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Originally Posted by ouchman View Post
ok, but according to the bible and teachings, what is taught? Cause the bible says at the time of judgment, if you truly repent you will be saved. And yes, i do understand suicide is a no no, but so is murder.

That is what the Bible teaches as far as the judgement goes. It's not a magical word though. It's about the faith that it takes to be able to accept that Christ died for your sins. That Faith will Lead you to repentence. If some one truly repents from what they've done then yes, They'll be saved. No sin, no matter how bad, can out weight Christ's sacrifice on the cross. But, as I stated already, it has to be Sincere and not just a magical Sentence that you say.

There is also Forgiveness. Jesus Taught us, or gave us a good outline, in the Lord's prayer. In part of that prayer it says "Forgive us our Debts as we Forgive our debtors". That's a Huge theological truth right there. If we pray that prayer, as Jesus said we should, we should expect God to Forgive us as we forgive others. That means we should forgive people.

So, to do a brief answer, Yes, If the murder/rapist truly repents down the road, he will be saved. His Sin cannot blot out what Christ did, Plain and Simple. The problem is a one of actually repenting and not just trying to avoid punishment.

As far as the Suicide goes.......We can't loose our Salvation. Also, Theologically speaking, Christ would have died for that sin when he died on the cross. So technically suicide won't get you a one way ticket to hell but this also goes into the "did they truly repent" thing. If you can accept that Christ died for your sins then you should also accept that God is the only one in control of our lives.
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