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Originally Posted by kerryann View Post
I have my reasons why I am voting for Mike Cox and I will not be swayed by some random internet guy, but thanks for your input. I actually put a lot of thought behind who I support. I look at who most closely matches my goals and other factors which matter to me. I am not sure how you pick your candidates but it seems to me like you are using maybe more emotional than logical reasoning.
I've had first hand dealings with Cox over the past 10 or so years, he is a pretentious self serving lifetime politician, with not concern for anything but himself. I have watched him screw entire communities, as well as individuals. Ask his wife about his integrity, or how trust worthy he is. Of coarse you will go into his personal life doesn't reflect his political views, forget the fact he lies and cheats and has been caught, thats OK with you, right????
Is that one of the logical reasons you used????
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