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Default Still undecided on Michigan's republican governor nomination for tomorrow..

Cox - Totally against obamacare, hates illegals, (imo) will defeat the normal dem candidate or that crazy whacko guy from lansing. I've been a facebook friend of his for a while, and his status updates kind of annoy me. Seems like a typical politican

Hoekstra - Not really sure on his views. Mitt Romney likes him, and I like Mitt. I was impressed that he didn't tell obama to f himself at that battery plant opening celebration when obama was ripping on hoekstra.

Bouchard - uhh, no.

Snyder - Looks like a total d-bag, and appears to have the same people skills as bush SR, I agree with most of his views, and his ads make me lol. He already stated that he will do anything in his power to get rid of the SBT which is granholm's big f-up of her term. Not sure if I like his health care views

As of right now, Snyder has my vote. It would be very interesting to see how a business/economics guy can handle a failed state over a politician.

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