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Originally Posted by Jeeperz Creeperz View Post
I'll assume it's low side PSI you're talking about, which is too high. Either you're charging it without it running, or you've overcharged it (which will cause it no also not get cold).
Yea it was low side, the side that you fill using a standard refill can. I think it was 50 psi, but it was whatever the bottle said it should be. it listed different psi ratings depending on how hot/cold it was outside. I know that the gague on the refill can went up to 45 psi still in the green

Originally Posted by Jeeperz Creeperz View Post
Replace the compressor pulley, the bearings are shot, but it sounds like you need a little more work done.
I know it needs more work than that lol I was hoping that I would be able to fix it myself, but I doubt it. There is a sticker that says it was treated with UV fluid stuff to detect leaks (about 3 years ago lol) I might take a black light to it and see if any spots light up that will show me where the leak is coming from

If it was overpressurized what can be done to fix that? Which from what you said very well may be the case
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