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Originally Posted by doomsick View Post
"Christianity was created by some decadent and degenerated Romans as a tool of oppression, in the late Roman era, and it should be treated accordingly. It is like handcuffs to the mind and spirit and is nothing but destructive to mankind. In fact I don't really see Christianity as a religion. It is more like a spiritual plague, a mass psychosis, and it should first and foremost be treated as a problem to be solved by the medical science. Christianity is a diagnosis. It's like Islam and the other Asian religions, a HIV/AIDS of the spirit and mind." -Vikernes
You know what's funny about that quote. The Religion that predates Christianity and what it springs from has nothing to do with rome. The Romans were the governing authority that crucified Christ. That would tend to make the believers of that religion a bit anti-roman. In fact, it was a group of Jews (Jesus Included) who created it. If you had this great ability to control people why would you later torture the people that you are controlling? Seriously. If they did create it for Control (which they didn't create it at all) why would they ruin thier ability to control people by going after people they had hooked into that control. It makes no sense.

I don't know Vikernes is, honestly. He sounds like he's completely Cynical and negatively minded. Sure, there have been things that Christianity has done that are Deplorable but there are also tons of things that it has done that are Good. Things that couldn't be done with out the Organization that comes from the church. It's also interesting that he says this because the Gospel of Jesus Christ is one that has to do with Love and taking care of your fellow man. This person did not understand that the reason for the negative side of the Christianity is that it can, and did, become corrupt by humans.
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