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Originally Posted by howell_jeep View Post
x2 I predict a first stuck at the end of the entrance where it turns up :)

Tow points, front and back.

Let out the air, I run very low, but you should be fine with about 8psi.

Idk what tire size the OP is running, but I ran between 8 and 10 on my 4wd before I lifted/33'd it, and although it did great, I destroyed the bead on one tire because it went flat and then got run on for a while w/o knowing. (had great traction though! lol) I'd lower them to about 15 and see how that looks (i.e. the rim is laying on the ground or if the tire barely looks low) and if it still looks pretty full, down to 12. Try it out, and if you are having a heck of a time, lower it a bit and see if you lose air.

Its different for every vehicle, I think the big issue for you is going to be traction in the rear because you don't have alot of weight there, so try not to just spin your tires. If you think you are stuck, check where your wheels are. I had that issue with my stock tires that if I stopped and tried to move w/the wheel turned, it wouldn't budge.
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