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Originally Posted by clarkstoncracker View Post
Existing law:

The new law simply states that they can take an ADDITIONAL STEP to verify your immigration status if they cannot produce information who they are that can be verified. As far as I know, in Michigan you do not have to identify yourself to any police officer unless you're being "suspicious", or they have a right to think you've committed a crime.

Arizona is one of the few states that have a "stop and identify" law that basically means they can pull you over and find out who you are just because they're bored. How come nobody was bitching about this law for years?

13-2412. Refusing to provide truthful name when lawfully detained; classification

A. It is unlawful for a person, after being advised that the person's refusal to answer is unlawful, to fail or refuse to state the person's true full name on request of a peace officer who has lawfully detained the person based on reasonable suspicion that the person has committed, is committing or is about to commit a crime. A person detained under this section shall state the person's true full name, but shall not be compelled to answer any other inquiry of a peace officer.

B. A person who violates this section is guilty of a class 2 misdemeanor.
FAIL. It only says that you must state your name on upon request. It says nothing about having to have documentation to prove it.
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