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Originally Posted by dreezy View Post
He was looking for opinions and I gave mine. Then when he didn't like my opinion he retaliated. I'm not one to dissapoint, so I played along.

But dont worry, once I find my house, a proper jeep build will ensue and the wk will be retired to dd/towing/dunes duties. But for now I will have my fun with what is practical and comfortable. I will also put it up against anything that anybody is willing to drive 500 miles, wheel the piss out of it, and drive it home... Maybe I should sell my yakima basket and build a wooden rack to carry my spare tire in. That would work right? Then When I over load it and it comes apart on the freeway and a 2x4 ends up sticking out of the windsheild of the car behind me, it wont be my fault right? It will land on the guy that made the 2x4's and the guy who made the screws right????

Giving opinion is one thing, Belittling someone is another. Simple as that.

I wouldn't suggest you get rid of something to make something out of wood. If you have the ability to get something that is made in a factory, Good for you, Do it. If you can't afford the basket but can create it from some piece of wood and make it safe, Why not? I highly doubt that that will fall apart at 70 MPH. It looks very well built. Had it been like 2- 2x4's and a couple of nails, I could understand your concern. It's built solid by the looks of it. Keep in mind, I build things often with wood and have been part of Construction crews and Scenery/prop building teams for quite a while. I know shotty workmanship with I see it. This is not the case.

Also, do you make the same comments to people who ghetto fab things on thier truck with Metal? Half the guys on here that do fab things are NOT Professional. How do you know thier stuff won't fall off? I don't see you being a Jerk to them.
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