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Originally Posted by Yota Bill View Post
ok, so your faith is completely blind, to the point that you can take something that suggests one thing, and say that it actually proves something completely opposite, and not feel a need to explain that...OK, good insight into the mind of the religious, I would say...
There are certain things in there that did oppose my beliefs, but they weren't huge. For an example of what I'm talking about, It was mentioned about the number 12 being used alot. That it was an astronomical number. Well, I see that as God making that number special. He made the stars, so why it makes perfect sense to me that he might leave certain clues to his existence in the stars. Not only that, but earlier civilizations could have seen the Correlation and put thier own beliefs about them. Making it appear (from the Authors viewpoint) that because one civilization noticed the trend first that it's thier's solely and any other civilization after that mentioned it is automatically null and void.

you know, though, another way to look at that same much longer will christanity last? It has already been split into many sects, that are fighting with each other over which is right, and has quite obviously lost popularity at least in the last generation or two.

civilizations begin, grow, and then fail, as do governments, and religions...
Couldn't agree more. It is loosing it's appeal. What force is behind that is opinion on either side. I would say it's Satan's handywork. What better way to keep God's Children from him then Discredit his religion. On that note, though, If Christianity is right, the fact that it's becoming less popular is showing that the end is coming, according to Revelation. What you personally do with that information is up to you.

Quite honestly though, I don't think Christianity will ever 'Stop' because of the shear nature of it's teachings. I mean, it will stop when God decides to throw this world into the recycle bin and start over with V2.0. The Gospels' ability to be relevant is amazing and is why, IMO, it's lasted so long.
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