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Originally Posted by Red Demon II View Post
Yep that's part of our group in both videos, most of those trucks have been replaced and/or upgraded though.

Originally Posted by dline View Post
what tires you running on your truck?
35" Cooper STTs. If my money tree sprouts anytime soon I think some 37s on 20s are in order though....

Originally Posted by redmud View Post
Gonna be? Was it chopped liver before?
No it performed great before too, but now we get to eliminate the areas we had to cut corners(relatively speaking) for financial reasons.

Originally Posted by Sandster View Post
I was there when you guys were jumping that thing i was the guy that yelled hey can you do it one more time i wanna video it and he did it like 5 more times i have that last big jump on video that truck is freakin sick dude! there was a ton of people jumpin off that hill that day. Props to a great build tho it soaked up the bumps nice for a 8 thousand pound truck.
Good stuff, you should post up the video for us to see!!

Originally Posted by RDK_YJ88 View Post
These are scrambler parts, aren't they?
I had a spare HP60 and lots of steel in the barn and the rest is being purchased. I'm itching to start workin on the Jeep again but gotta get these other projects out of the way first.

Originally Posted by bigbchevy View Post
so when you going to bring it over and play in the feild? agian lol
Mine isn't playing in there again, it's too pretty and cleanup took way too was fun though!! I'd be down for some more beer and bonfire action though. When I get the Scrambler done sometime in the next decade I'll take that out there and you can hear the blower whine instead of the turbo whistle.

And to all who said the 8000lb truck can't book across the dunes at 60mph even with all those goodies....wrong. Not only has he done it more times than I care to count, but on July 5 I decided it'd be a good idea to chase down an $80k sandrail through 100+yards of 2' whoops in that rocky section between the dragstrip and beach. Got 'er up around 70mph before the pucker factor took over....and that was just a 4.5" bolt-on lift! Why? Because I'm dumb and ballsy. And yes, it did fine and held up no problem.

In a related story, I need new front shocks
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