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Originally Posted by Yota Bill View Post
OK, disregarding religion all togethor, since that is a pointless discussion, and only about the videos:

how does showing that other religions had the same stories hundreds or thousands of years before christanity began prove that christanity is right, and not just copied from the previous religions that told the same stories?
It doesn't to you. It does to me. However, Maybe back then the people had more of a Connection with what ever diety is out there and that's why all the religions had similar ideas. I'm just throwing this out there, just an idea. NOw, take any of those religions and see which ones are still around. It's not a very good way to prove anything but if all those religions were similar why haven't the other ones lasted or are as prevalent?

If Jesus did anything, which I believe he did everything, he brought the Hebrew religion into a new light and made it more 'fitting' for the times. So much so that it's still practiced 2000 years later. He made an impact in this world it's just to bad us humans had to mess it up.
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