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Originally Posted by Yota Bill View Post
people can find codes in random strings of numbers, even when the numbers are purely random...they can feel the bumps on another persons head, tell their future, and it will come true...they can make dolls and incantations cursing a person, and the curse will come true...why? Because people want it to be, they believe it, and they look for it, even when its not there.

I'm not saying that you are wrong to believe in your faith, I applaud you for standing up for what you believe in.

what I am saying though, is that people will believe what they want, and they will find truth in what they believe to be true, regardless of what that is. Arguing with another person, trying to convince them that what they believe is wrong, is pointless, because they will always find "facts" that prove they are right. Some of the people on here who do not believe what you do are trying to suck you into these arguments to help them prove to themselves that they are right. You are simply wasting your time. The whole religion-versus-science debate is completely pointless, since neither side can prove anything, and neither side will give in without proof.

the videos were interesting though...
The Video were interesting for sure. IN the case of those videos, however, I can take it at a different view and see alot of that information as proof that Christianity is right. You're absolutely right in saying that (that it's about perspective). That being said, There are things I've experienced that are not explainable, Even as Coincidence. Any view you look at them, It's unexplainable and Specific.

Oh, I know they troll around looking to stir the pot. I enjoy it. I also see it as a way to put a different light on my faith. Alot of people have outrageous and simply wrong views on what Christianity is and I am here to show them what it really is (using the bible, which in this case, is fine because it's our holy word).
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