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Default 2006 Honda Rebel battery issue

This is the best place I can think to put this


Family member moved my motorcycle, but left the key in the ON position. On this bike (and probably most bikes) that means the rear plate light, running tail light, and headlight were on for about 5-7 hours w/o running.

Tried to start it up to put it in the garage, and it was completely dead, nothin. Ok, so I push it in, and leave it until I can deal with it.

I didn't feel comfortable risking the electrical system with my car battery (read something about the amps frying stuff) so I started rolling down the driveway and popped the clutch. Worked like a charm, except while giving it gas to pull a U-E in the street, I noticed my engine temp gauge (previous owner put this on) backlight would only come on when I wasn't hitting the gas... and it would blink on/off with the turn signal.

Go to ride the bike around for a while to recharge it like I've done half a dozen times with my malibu which always works...Ride for about an hour with no success, but now, everything is on full brightness (headlight, speedo, temp) only when I'm in 5th going 35 or hitting the brakes (or just triggering the brake light) and everything dims or flickers when I use the throttle, my turn signals even blink faster.

So I park it on a very steep business driveway, and shut it off, within 2 seconds of hitting the kill switch the headlight goes out. Try and hit the starter, and the gauges and such kinda glow, but don't light up barely. Dead again... get rollin, pop the clutch, and off I go again...same issues.

I just bought the bike, and although the previous owner was a mechanic, bike builder, and good friend, he died shortly before I purchased it, so I can't ask him whether or not its the original battery. I have the battery half of the tender, but not the wall half so I can't do that. I know they kept it on the tender all winter, and it cranked right up when I bought it about 2-3 months ago when I helped his wife pull it out of storage.. If it is the original battery, I read that 3 years is the avg 4-5 sounds about right..

Can the alternator even charge a dead battery or is it different for motorcycles?

How much does a battery usually go for?
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