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Default *SOLD* 1980 Mercedes 300TD Diesel Wagon (great DD)

This is a nice-condition, southern Mercedes 300TD diesel station wagon that has been my winter daily-driver (and occasional driver through other seasons) for the last 2 years. I paid a LOT more for this vehicle in September 2008 ($4200), as I wanted the utility/space offered by the wagon model. It currently has 131,000 miles on the 5-cylinder diesel engine/auto transmission, and is pretty clean for the age as it was a southern vehicle. The underside of the car is still mainly black paint/undercoating, rather than having a lot of rust. There are a couple small rust spots, but overall, it's very clean. The car runs excellent!

All service work during my ownership, as well as the previous owner's, has been done by Jas at George's Foreign Car Service in Grand Rapids. If you're a GR-area German car fanatic, you probably know of and/or have used Jas for service...highly-recommended.

The car has a great manual moon roof (no electric mess), which is VERY nice in the summer. The interior is rip-free, and in nice shape, especially for the age of the car. The seats have optional head rests front & rear (5 total). The heater works VERY well, and the car even has dual climate control. Oh...the car has an aftermarket AM/FM/CD stereo, too.

Here's the list of items that have been replaced in the last 2 years. As you can see, the main "heavy hitters" for maintenance/repairs have already been addressed.

  • NEW Bosch starter
  • NEW Bosch alternator
  • NEW Napa Group 31 battery
  • NEW Kumho tires (still in excellent condition)
  • NEW driver rear wheel bearing (was starting to go bad when I bought the car)
  • NEW rear brake pads & rotors, as well as one of the rear calipers
  • Valve adjustment
  • Regular fluid/filter changes
  • NEW Yakima roof rack. NOTE: "Base" roof rack (towers & crossbars) will be included with the sale, but the Yakima fairing & custom-built bicycle mounts will not be included.
  • Viton fuel lines. The car runs excellent on ASTM-grade biodiesel, which I used to produce. This vehicle has NOT been run on straight vegetable oil, nor on low-grade biodesel brewed in some dank garage. I owned a very high-end BioPro 150 automated biodiesel processor (my former biodiesel lab PHOTOS HERE) that made ASTM-grade fuel, which can be mixed with standard petro diesel in any percentage. I sold the biodiesel processor to pay off debt, and currently run the car on standard diesel fuel. I'd be happy to discuss biodiesel information/options with the new owner of this vehicle, if you're interested.

Here are the flaws/issue items that I'm aware of:
  • Needs front brakes.
  • Brake master cylinder works, but has a small internal leak, and will need to be replaced eventually.
  • Occasionally (~4-5 times), I have lost vacuum with the power brakes. The brakes still work, but the power boost just stops for a couple minutes, and then rebuilds pressure. Jas at George's Foreign Car Service said the vacuum pump could be rebuilt fairly inexpensively, but the issue has been so intermittent that I haven't worried about it.
  • A/C doesn't work.
  • Intermittent wipers work...well...intermittently. Jas cleaned the contacts up once, which helped for a while, but it should be looked at again. The normal low/high wipers work fine; it's just the intermittent functionality that is currently lacking.
  • Rear window seal leaks some during heavy rain. I'll include some Permatex to repair this.
  • The operation of some of the dash switches are a little "sticky", and could stand to be disassembled/cleaned, or replaced.
  • Driver-side rear power window stopped working recently.

I bought this car to run on biodiesel, but since I no longer produce biodiesel fuel, prefer to get a newer, gas-powered economy car for a winter vehicle. This car is priced to sell, and is a great basis for anyone interested in running biodiesel, or someone who wants a reliable, low-budget 6-passenger vehicle. I have driven this car on several long-distance road trips with my two daughters with no hesitation whatsoever.

Located in Cedar Springs, just north of Grand Rapids.

Was $2800Now $2600


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