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I left a district where the most I could make was about 65K with a masters and 14 years in. Starting pay was about 32, again with a masters. Regular teachers fresh out of school were starting around 28K ad the top they could make was in the 50's. It's gone up slightly since then and by that I mean about 5k but that is a pretty typical teacher wage for the center of the state. In 2005, I was making about 40K and my superviser and also my principal were both making 82K so nowhere what the typical salary is in the northern Detroit area (Warren, Sterling, Utica, Troy, etc.). In those areas, teachers make very good livings. With a masters and with some seniority, they can easily go over 80K.

As far as pay for performance, I don't think it will ever work because I don't htink they will be able to find a fair system of rating teachers. often things are too subjective and then politics can get in the way. The other thing you need to keep in mind is that teachers often don't get to choose what they teach or with what materials they do it and some curriculums out there suck bad. i'm not saying teachers can't make them work but some curriculums are difficult to use and are not successful. i've also seen districts keep curriculums even when they know they are not as successful as others because they are expensive and what they have. Some things to keep in mind.
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