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Originally Posted by OldSlowReliable View Post
I'd place the order tomorrow (bank account vs paypal money transfer times) but they have a build time of 1-8 days, figure it takes them 3 days (they probably have a list of things to do before drings) to manufacture them, then 3 days to get them shipped do the math!

Do YOU know if they sell them as a pair or 1?
Judging by the price they are sold by the piece.

I am pretty sure that if you called down there they would be able to hook you up, they have a laser or plasma in house and could make a pair in about 30 minutes.

What decade do you live in where it takes more that 10 minutes to complete an electronic transaction? I could order something from say summit racing right now and would have it wednesday using either paypal or a CC to pay. Paypal is almost instant, as are CC.

That aside give them a call at least, and see what they can do. You'll only be out 5 minutes of time and if you do it early enough you will still have time to find an alternative supplier and get them shipped yet today.
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