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Originally Posted by xj4life View Post
i'm sure you're still paying for them in development and other costs.
You understand that goes both ways, right?

You have to validate everything. So if 90% want cloth and 10% want vinyl, then you have to do both. now you can save the company money by getting rid of the vinyl, and 90% of the people are happier because its lower cost to them, by less development cost.

If they made a truck that was only a stripped base model, how many do you really think they'd sell?

Businesses with dirty employees are not the only buyers of 3/4 and 1 ton trucks. People with boats, people who haul loads, people who just want a deisel, god forbid people with big 4x4s that want to tow comfortably. That is a huge market. And options sell very very well and make the automakers money.

Hehehe, the automakers got out of the business of making homologation vehicles a long time ago. Seems that what you guys are looking for.

If you want to make the vehicle cheaper, then stop the madness of making engines beyond 700ft lbs of tq. Make them have 450 ft lbs and get 5mpg better instead, and be less damaging on drivetrain.....
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