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Originally Posted by greygoose View Post
Don't you think that the more they put into a truck the more they need to get out of it dollar wise? If they only ofter the cloth seat that costs them 125 dollars vs the vinyl seat that costs 100, they are going to have to increase the price of the vehicle to get that extra 25 dollars back. The reason they don't offer certain things anymore is not to "screw" you, it's becasue they have stopped making what is not selling.
I give up you are missing the point, I as well as many others try not to buy things that i dont need and when i do buy things that i dont need i'm a cheapskate .It pisses me off that i am willing to pay alot of money for what i want yet is unavailable .my $ is better spent paying off my mortage than for neet little gizzmos and doodads that just add up to more chit to break and cost more$ I'm done with this hijacking session.

back on subject i dont know much about emissions stuff but how can an a truck that only burns one gallon of fuel per 20 miles be worse than one that burns one gallon per 14 miles maybee i,m just a stupid hillbilly but i think I need to start a company that builds the old 12 valve cummins engines and offers conversions
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