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as far as i am concerned you can keep all those options and save me 1/4 the cost of the truck. I was thinking of an upgrade in trucks untill i saw the price and the fact that gm dosent even offer a man trans. I did not even get to the point if they still made the w/t option package. $42,000 are you kidding me! you say that they are givving people what they want, well maybe at te moment but when fuel goes back to $4-$5 a gallon it will prob stay there and the only people runing 3/4 and 1 tons will be the ones that have to. And im sorry if you dissagree but most of the people who NEED a 3/4 or 1 ton can live without all those fancy options, let alone afford them. Ha, I can just see it now all the construction workers and farmers running around in trashed out $50,000 pickups. And everyone will wonder why remodel work,concrete work, and groceries are so dog gone expensive.

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