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Originally Posted by brimy311 View Post
Have you ever seen/played with an OX cable? They are not crappy by any means. The problem is with the adjustability. In order to adjust the OX locker cable, you have to remove the diff cover, adjust, put back together. Then you have to also get the shifter in unison with that. It is really easy to get it working outside of the vehicle, but once you route the cable into the cab, it becomes a nightmare. The cable is threaded on both ends and you have twist the cabe to screw it into the shifter. Once you have done, you have to twist the diff cover around to get the right setting both ends.

A B&M shift has a simular cable, but easier to adjust, as you can see the throw fork on the side of the transmision. You can not see the OX fork and it is a touchy biatch.

If I was given a free OX locker for my truck, I would throw it in the trash.
Sounds like a crappy design to me.
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