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Originally Posted by 89cjwftw View Post
the only reason the body is painted the way it is, is because i couldnt stand the purple paint, and the best cheapest solution to it was black bedliner and it helps for the trails (no scratches) AND i the engine runs like a top, i could part it out for than $500 and if you think the 8 in is all body lift your dumb and i dont think you do im just sayin, this thing is, well was a great dd and it may be a very easy fix.
I never said it was all body lift, but even in the pics I can see light between the body and the frame, so I said a huge body lift, since I don't know how much of a body lift that is, but its alot more then any person who has a clue would want to get near.

and vehicles are not worth the sum of their parts...if you think you can part it out for more, then do that, but that means you do the work of taking everything apart and dealing with the leftovers, not the buyer...if the buyer is looking at it for just the engine, trust me, they take into account the fact that they have to do the extra labor of pulling it and then dealing with the rest of the vehicle

as for being an easy fix, the buyer is not going to assume that, plus the fact they cant test drive it to find out anything else about the vehicle. They would have to assume that anything they cant see may have serious problems, like the case, differentials, etc. regardless of what you tell them.

look at it as if you were going to buy it, and knew nothing about it other then what the seller was telling you about it. You can't test drive it, you see a huge body lift, which means alot more stress on the body and frame, and you know it has trans problems, which may mean a complete new transmission. You cant tell if anything else has any problems, but its obvious that the seller has beat on the vehicle off road. How much would you be willing to pay for it?

call me names if you want, I dont really care...I was just trying to help you understand why there is no way in hell you are getting even close to $2000 for that vehicle the way it sits...basically, its worth its weight in scrap...have fun with that

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