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Originally Posted by L4CX View Post
Marriage is a Sacrament of the church because it is a EXACT parallel to the Relationship Christ has with his Church. So then marriage could possibly be described as a very powerful way to walk with Christ? In a (Christian) marriage the man is to sacrifice himself for his Wife as Christ did for the church. Ultimately a marriage is to be centered around Christ and his Gospel and this can Make the couple grow closer together both in them selves and to God. I, as a husband, am supposed to encourage my wife Spiritually, emotional, and Physically every day and Make sure she is seeking after God in her life. She is supposed to do the same to me. What's great about that is that she can see where I am Failing where I can't and I can see where she is failing while she can't. Just Like Christ does for us.

Also, 'Church' Is not always refering to a Building. A building is a Building but a church is a Group of Believers (2 or more) that are fellow shipping and Helping one another. In essence, we are a Church in our own house. Temples of the Living God.
My reference to confessional and church was rhetorical. Thereagain, it could be said that confessional doesn't have to happen in a building, but it does require 2 or more people...
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