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Originally Posted by L4CX View Post
Roman Catholicism is a denomination of the Christian Church. They believe it to be the "true" church because it was derived from the 'original' church the 12 started. Alot of people say just Catholic Church but this is not the proper term because the Catholic church is the 'Universal' Church, or the Body of Christ. All Denominations that follow the core Christian Beliefs are considered the Catholic Church. Roman Catholic (although it is quite large and well Established) is like saying Methodist, Lutheran, Baptist So on and so forth.

Just like any human institution the Roman Catholic church had been become corrupt and that's why we had the Protestant movement from which Lutheran, Methodist, ETC came from. I don't have any problem with Roman Catholics, just to clarify. They CAN be some of the Strongest Christians, but often are not.

The Roman Catholic Sacraments are great if they (as I've said before) are an outward action of an Inward Commitment, Unfortunately, it's not often thought that way. I have known Many Catholics that look at it as a list of things to do to get into heaven. IT'S NOT. This is where the problem, IMO, lies. Oddly enough history has repeated it self in this very instance. The Hebrew Religion had turned into that same thing, although it was supposed to be. They had rules and laws that became more important then the reason for those laws and rules, To get closer to God. It's no different here; we, as humans, made rules and thing that at first helped make a Relationship with God better but then started to just do those things because we HAD to not because we WANTED to. Humans tend to forget the reason behind the sacraments and just do them out of Obligation. This is not the reason for them. Christ showed that to the Hebrew Religion and The Starters of the Protestant Movement knew that too.

^^Don't know why I posted all that. But that is the reason you have different opinions between denominations.
Oaky, so I can see, for example, how confession would be a way to get closer to God because you don't need to go to church to do it, but what about something like marriage? How is the purpose of that to become closer to God if you need a church to do it?
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