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I'd love to see a system that continues to reward you for the work you do, and doesn't drive you into administration for advancement.

Won't happen with me. I have NO desire to go matter what the money is. I am a teacher, it is what I do and I feel I do it well. I know that deep down in me, in the core of who I am, I would not do well in the political area of administration. I would be fired in a second.

I am not tenured yet here, so I have to keep my mouth somewhat under control, but I have seen the tenure process save as many good teachers as it has bad teachers. Many good teachers have loud mouths when it comes to other bad teachers, bad admin, bad choices as to how to spend money or other things like that. It would be easy to get rid of those that do not agree politically with the admin if there wasn't some sort of protection involved in the system. I have even seen good teachers get into hot water over petty arguments with the maintenance department...but because the maint manager is good friends with the superintendant the teacher suffers.

Just because you have tenure doesn't always protect you either. I have seen enrollment for certian programs simply dry up...for some strange reason...and then there isn't "enough interest" in the program to keep the teacher...or it forces them to part time and the teacher has no other recourse but to find another job. When that teacher does that, then there is this "magical" re-surgence of interest in the program so another teacher is hired. No one got fired but the end result is the same. Old teacher gone, new on is hired.

Just think of what you would do if they cut your hours at work to say....19 a week. And that puts you under the min to get insurance too so you lose that also. 19 hours a week and no insurance....oh, did I forget to mention that now since you are "part time" your wages are lower because part time employees get 20% lower wages. What would you do? You would find another full time job.

If you don't get what I just said, basicly admin force the advisors to sign the students up for other teachers, or other programs...thus cutting students to a program. No student, no need for the teacher. It happens more than you know. I have seen it happen at least 3 times that I know for sure of since I have been teaching.
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