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Originally Posted by brewmenn View Post
How high of a tax rate are you willing to pay to pay for all of that?
I'm willing to keep paying the 30% I'm paying now, but have it spent differently. That, and to roll back the Bush and Reagan tax cuts for the top 2% so they pay more than the 15% they pay now. That's how much. And it would cover it.

Actually, what Bush borrowed to pay for Iraq would have covered most of it for the same amount of time. The research has been done. The facts are out there. $2 TRILLION he indebted us to to go to Iraq, when we could have used that money here. It did nothing to catch Bin Laden. It did nothing to avenge 9/11. It did nothing to slow terrorism. The Islamic Jihad is now stronger than ever thanks to our invasion.

You guys crack me up. We can model our public assistance programs, for example, after several other countries, that REQUIRE you to do public service work in order to get your assistance check. You can't just sit home and collect. You work, or you go to school. And they don't require on a BOOMING, private, FOR PROFIT, prison industry to take in billions of dollars using free labor to the same work.

There are tons more answers. I can go on and on. But you guys are so fixated and frightened out of your wits by the the right-wing pundits that you aren't even willing to listen. You insult and name-call.
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