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The EFI 460 is completly different from the carb 460. The blocks and rotating assemblys are the same, but the heads and intake are not interchangeable.
also the exhaust ports are different, efi ports are 1/4 inch higher and different shape than the carb heads.

To be able to use a different cam with the stock speed density EFI, the cam will have to be
very close to the stock grind. The SD EFI runs off preset tables for the injectors and timing.
Without alot of dyno time and computer reprograming, the stock SD will never be able to under stand
the new input, ie cam, headers and such.
Your best bet to run efi on a 460 is
mustang efi parts 89 to 93
computer, harness, sensors etc.
and a megasquirt, or tweecer to be able to flash the computer with the new inputs,
bigger cid, more air flow, longer injector puls, firing order, etc.

Or spend $3300 on a mass-air conversion (very nice kit, but spendy)

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