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Originally Posted by Etaelle View Post
I think we need to address another issue! Is the Trailer hitch shiny????? OMFG ITS NOT SHINY??? You need to knock 2,300 off for that!!! What about the skid plates??? Are THOSE shiny?? Thats another $500 (Dont ask me why the hitch costs more than the skid plates in that scenario....I have no idea....sarcasm ftw?) Bottom line is, If your not interested in it, look at it, Lawl to yourself, move on. If you're interested, make an offer...if its rejected, Cry in a corner a minute and get on with your day. If its accepted, Yay, All parties are happy.....Grow up...
I'm not trying to get involved, but when someone is going to buy a vehicle, people look for how well it was maintained, if you still left a McDonalds bag and a dirty sock in the back, chances are, your hoopty won't sell, and you might need another hillbilly like yourself to buy it... rant over
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