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Originally Posted by Fraser View Post
man your dumb, if I was buying something for that much, i sure as hell wouldnt want to work on it. period. you have no ground to stand on or to tell me to stfu, other then that, read above. sorry to clutter your thread, guitardrumr
Please learn the difference between "your" and "you're" before you tell me i'm dumb

I was telling the other guy to STFU, he's the one shitting up this thread, not you.

Originally Posted by 93liftedzj View Post
MINOR STUFF?! are you seriously on drugs?

he is asking...let me put this into perspective for you....

four thousand three hundred dollars!, which...even in decent shape, is a hair too much..

Holy shit, why are you so stuck on the asking price? it's OR BEST OFFER

But, 4300 from this guy, gets you a jeep with a check engine light{that likely ISNT the gas cap}, a jeep with a missing grill, a jeep with a nasty muddy interior, a jeep with missing body peices...questionable working functions that i asked about, and got no reply on..

This is an internet forum, where EVERYONE deserves the right to understand whats up with a vehicle, why in the hell should i PM him for this information?

Because shitting on his thread makes you look like an asshole

Some of you people are seriously on DRUGS when it comes to purchasing a used vehicle, i could understand all of these issues, if this was a WHEELER..but its not, its a DD jeep..i dunno about you guys, but i dont like driving around in vehicles that look like they were just driven out of the scrap yard.

You are so tic. A scrap yard?

i WAS a seriously interested buyer, not anymore, buyers attitude destroyed any and all chances of me buying this thing, hell i offered him 3500 CASH if he jsut fixed a few things before hand...aparently its not worth his time.

Boo hoo
Originally Posted by RockyMTN05 View Post
He does have a point, however, to us "Jeepers", we see it as no big deal.
That's all i was saying.

Originally Posted by Etaelle View Post
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