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Originally Posted by Guitardrumr View Post
What did you ask that I didn't answer? Where have I been anything but courteous? Are you not the one coming into my for sale thread demanding things, and generally making an ass of yourself?

I haven't responded to your offer of $3500, because I got a better offer from my Craigslist add (hence the sale pending that was added to the title a day or so ago). If I hadn't had a better offer, I probably would have looked into picking up a grill and a fender flare. I also stated that I would be cleaning the interior before I sold it. I'm not an idiot, and don't intend to give someone a vehicle with a dirty interior.

As for the CEL that you seem to be so hung up on, not only did I explain what it was for (twice I believe), I even offered to meet you at an Autozone so you could see the code pulled yourself.

If you're going to throw rocks, don't stand in a glass house. I've answered every question you've asked, and I've been civil and courteous about it. There is no need for you to come into my thread and start bashing me, and blaming my attitude on your lack of manners.
I agree. This is a for sale thread and not a bashing thread. If someone doesnt like what they see don't buy it. It's that simple. But don't go fucking up someones thread because they don't want to fix some shit on a jeep there seeling anyways....
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