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OK - a lotta emotion out there.

Muddypaws - I've never met you, but you sound like the kind of teacher I'd like to see us attract / retain (i.e. the work you do with the student Jeep project, etc...). I'd love to see a system that continues to reward you for the work you do, and doesn't drive you into administration for advancement.

Trust me, as a former board member I know how schools work. Likewise, $100K a year is not that far off in most districts around here - and with some efficiencies in the administrative end of things to free up money for teaching more is possible.

I'm also not suggesting that good measurement is easy (it never is) - but the proper measures (not just standardized tests - but they are important) can be arrived at.

It would require changes. Privatized non-classroom services to reduce cost: school bus service, food service, maintenance, groundskeeping, etc... Combine small districts to drive administrative efficiencies. Professional management. The non-classroom portions of education take up a growing portion of the education dollar - addressing this frees up classroom money.

And I'll debate whether gym classes keep kids thin or the lack of them makes kids fat. Parents make kids fat (unlimited feeding with junk food, video games, etc...) - a 50 minute gym class 3, 4, or 5 days a week won't do it.

Again, I offered this as a debate topic - not an attacj on anyone or their livelihood...
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