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Eliminating sports and PE is already happening to focus on testing, and is leading to fat kids. All over the news this week.

I can't see any way to 'score' teachers. Damn near no job uses a pure performance based scale, especially that wide ranging.

I support paying teachers more, but yeah, there isn't the money in the system. I got to see a lot of what goes on in Lansing and the ISDs thru my wife's old job.

I really just hate the realities of NCLB. Granted, as a kid, I loved standardized test, as I rocked them. But school should NOT be about prepping for a stupid test, it should be about LEARNING. There is a difference. Look how many book smart people you've probably met in your life who are clueless in the real world.

Most of the best teachers I've had were unconventional in their tactics somewhere along the line.

Data such as success in later grades, going on to college, etc, isn't really relevant, since even in one year, a student has somewhere between 6-12 teachers which will affect those numbers.

If I could go make 80k-100k teaching, I'd be out of here in a heartbeat. I absolutely love to do it, but I don't think I'd be able to support my family anywhere near our current, already meager, lifestyle.
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