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Originally Posted by Kawierider
I was under the distinct impression that in my school district (in HS) our more senior, tenured teachers got paid in the neighborhood of 75-80 K.
Tenure does not dictate salary. Salary depends on a few variables: education level, senority, and the district's pay scale. In southeastern MI, many districts have pay scales that max out close to $100k/yr. As a generalization, the teacher would need a master's degree and 10years of experience to max out their earnings. Principals, cirruculum directors, superintendants, and business directors are capable of earning over $100k/yr.... it depends on the district.

Tenure is a security device for teachers, which they can receive after 4 years in the district. In the event of a layoff, the teacher is not guaranteed a job, they are guaranteed to be called back to work within 5 years(IIRC) when a position is open with their qualifications. After 5 years, the district is not obligated to rehire that person if their job becomes available.
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