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Originally Posted by amc78cj7
Yes, but places like condo associations and trailer parks screw the rest of us b/c they are taxed as a whole and not as individual residences and they end up paying a lot less. Go to any town meeting and you will find this out. Trailer parks are necessary as "affordable housing", but they cost the rest of the tax payers big time b/c they require more infrastructure per square mile and they are usually packed full of kids and pay little into the tax system.
Condo's are individually assessed, and taxed (As well as owned). Just like "regular homes" and businesses, as they are also individuall owned.

trailer parks are a heavy consumer of all government services, not just schools, and there have been many attempts to attempt to make up the perceived diference. the park as a whole is however taxed on it's value (the value of which is often predicated on the income stream it can generate - think of it as an annuity, as that's how they sell in the market place) and each individual pad/tenant is assessed a flat rate pittance of a tax.

In addition, the law states that each assessor shall asses, and levy personal property taxes upon garages, decks, sheds, and other improvements that exist within a licensed trailer park, but as always, it's an ad-valorem tax, and what really is the value of a garage, inside a trailer park "in the market".

in practice, this is rarely, if ever assessed/levied, and when it is, it also is a pittance.
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